Advancing Your Business

Project based

CIO expertise Retainer

  • Provide strategic advice guiding client to take full advantage of current and future technologies

  • Develop a multi-year strategic IT business plan which will be periodically reviewed with management to ensure it is aligned with the business strategy

  • Manage the relationship with hardware and software vendors including monitoring of contracts and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure client gets the appropriate level of services at the most beneficial cost

  • Periodical processes review to identify areas where IT can be utilized to streamline operations and enhance staff effectiveness

  • Develop and maintain IT budgets (capital and operational)

  • Risk management – Ensure client has overall security of the information systems, data integrity, and an appropriate business continuity plan

  • Review and maintain system architecture (Computers, Servers, Telecom)  to ensure adequate availability and reliability at an affordable price


AvantisIT helps you ‘Advance your Business’ by leveraging the power of IT (Information Technology) through access to:

* CIO Expertise to help you align Business & IT strategies
Tailored solutions and applications that provide decision support and process automation.
* Low-cost turnkey operations and process alternatives to increase staff effectiveness & business cost-efficiency

With our extensive experience in all facets of IT, we are well positioned to provide concrete, actionable and cost effective services to increase the value that IT adds to the business.

Our services & consulting engagements include:

  • CIO Expertise 
  • Data mining, data analytics, BI (business intelligence) data processing, visualization & reporting
  • Process re-engineering and project-based services
  • Tailored software development
  • Best Practices Implementation  
  • Business Continuity Planning